pirmdiena, 2012. gada 3. decembris

we will meet in the corner

I'm done of trying help those who think they are great by their own. Cause in the moment I needed help, they just spit in my face and say- "sorry, I need to fix myself and I don't give a shit about what's going to happen with you- for aught I care you can die, and I won't even noticed that. I just want to fuck by bitches and enjoy that in this world are people who think I'm the king." 

I thought so too. I did believe. I did stop the train so you can jump in and get back in the life. Although you did jump in but pushed me out of it. 

But as what you wanted- I am dead. And I don't care if you will live all your life feeling guilty- cause that's exactly what you should. 

That's it. I'm done. I'm leaving all of you right now in my mind and as fast as I can in every other ways. Train has left. 

/by unknown author/

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